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4 Keys to Unlocking the Power of Empathy

If you're interested in learning empathy, it can be for different reasons.

Maybe you have read about its importance. Or maybe you've been told you need more empathy. Perhaps you sense something is missing in your relationships, parenting style, friendships, or work. Empathy is being required more and more at the workplace now—greatly needed today for managers and leaders.

Husband empathizes with his wife's sadness
Whatever the reason.


Expressing cognitive, emotional, or compassionate empathy is something many think they know how to do, but their efforts fall short. Why?

Because empathy also asks you to be present to yourself. Your emotions. Your thoughts. 

How do you deal with those judgmental thoughts that keep circling? They tell you the person is acting "too emotional," or "making too big of deal out of what happened," "they totally misread the situation" or "let's move on already!" My favorite: "Won't I be condoning their inappropriate behavior if I show empathy?"

Empathy isn't just about approval, talking, or making the person feel better. Empathy is a complex set of skills requiring many essential abilities that often go unrecognized... just like a car needs an engine with many different parts before it's going to run.

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You can try harder to be empathetic but it won't work. Certain key ingredients are needed. It'd be as if you forgot to include a spark plug in your engine. No spark, no results. We break down empathy into bite-size pieces!

Did you know that there were 3 kinds of empathy?

Empathy doesn't always come naturally to men. Why? Because the male brain is wired to solve, fix, and protect. The rub: When people are feeling emotions, they're just not ready to move to a solution yet. Empathy is the gear shift, the oil, and the motor! (Husbands, hint, hint: wives love to feel heard and understood... empathy!)

Do you sometimes feel clueless when it comes to handling another person's emotions? (Feels awful, doesn't it? Helpless.)

When your child is crying, do you ever just want them to stop? (Emotions can be demanding, especially for parents. What if you knew how to effectively meet their emotional needs with ease? Wow! What a difference that could make.)

Are you wanting to respond more lovingly to those in your life? Or perhaps it's tough to relate to a co-worker or boss?

No matter what you're looking for, life is easier and much more enjoyable with greater emotional intelligence and empathy!

Discover the 4 keys to unlocking the power of empathy with this Heartmanity Self-Coaching Guide.


In this downloadable guide you will learn:

  • How to create an open and safe space for others to shift their emotions easily

  • NOT take on another person's emotions and avoid getting overwhelmed

  • Shift and release judgment, which translates to more understanding

  • The keys to empathetic listening that increase ease and connection

  • A simple step-by-step guide to creating a personalized action plan that feels authentic to you!


Real Empathy, Real Solutions will start you off on an easy-to-learn path towards making empathy as second nature as driving a car! But first, let's get the motor in!

Through this process, you will build emotional intelligence muscles to increase your confidence in all relationships both at home and at work. No matter the job site or the relationship, empathy is a key to greater success.

Learn through interactive worksheets and practice exercises that you can download immediately! Here's help to integrate the concepts at your pace and in the privacy of your own home. You'll hone your abilities without the pressure of someone's feelings staring you down!

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We're passionate about the power of empathy, Our downloadable guide will give you practice and you'll learn the keys to be successful and know when you're using feeling stoppers instead! You'll receive a link to download and print the pages. You can dig in right away... NO waiting.

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We've seen the magic of healing, increased love, and connection through empathy and understanding.

Your turn. 

Gain new skills.

Act now and reap the benefits of empathy.


IMPORTANT NOTE: You will receive a link to download this product; it's not a spiral or bound workbook. But don't be fooled by its simplicity; if you do the exercises and worksheets in earnest, you will learn vital steps to mastering empathy.